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RadMax Fantasy Sports Challenge

Posted on: February 20, 2009 2:22 pm

We challege you to find us a better Fantasy NASCAR game with better payouts, dollar for dollar. We have been thinking of a good way to show people what a kick ass Fantasy NASCAR game we have here at RadMax. We strongly believe we have the most exciting Fantasy NASCAR game. So, we have decided to start a blog on the players in RadMax Open League #9624. We will discuss the ups and down of the seasons; the lead changes, who is hot and who is not, who will and will not make the RadMax playoff, The Dash For The Cash. We'll show you the coolest way to play Fantasy NASCAR. We call it the RadMax Challege. These are real players in league #9624 and we invite them to add any comments. What do you think about the game?

For those of you who don't understand the game, let's explain it like this: Players choose 12 drivers every race. RadMax has a hassle-free draft before every race. Cheer on different drivers for each race - based on your draft position and rank of drivers. It makes it fun and keeps it interesting. Players accumulate points and cash prizes every race as follows: First place gets 12 points, second place gets 11 points down to 12th place getting one point. In this league we also pay cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Last place every race. Cash prizes carry over to the next race if a winning driver is unassigned. For example, in the Daytona 500, no one drafted A.J. Allmendinger so the cash that would have been paid to a player that finished 3rd will roll over and which ever player finishes 3rd next race will get double the cash. It makes it fun so you get to not only root for your driver but you can cheer on the drivers that went undrafted for that race. By the way, only the cash rolls over not the points. The points go unassigned. What a race! I wish it would not have been rain out - but what are you going to do? I know Matt and the 17 team will take it. Sugar Daddy will be happy with his 24th-draft-position assignment of Matt Kenseth. Second went to number3 who drafted the 29 in the 9 spot. No one drafted A.J. Allmendinger so his cash prize will roll over. So, next week race in Fontana California 3 place will pay twice the normal amount. If it happens that whoever finishes 3rd next week is undrafted then Las Vegas 3rd will payout triple. Last place cash prize goes to a 14carfanatic drafting Logano in the 21st place.

What makes this game so fun is not just the cash you can win each week. It is the race to make the playoffs. After the 26th race when NASCAR goes into the Chase for the Cup, RadMax goes into the Dash for the Cash have a playoff. The top 12 plus ties will advance to the playoff. At this point all scores are reset to zero. It is a 10 race shootout for all the cash and glory. You want as many points as possible in the first 26 races. Sugar Daddy and number3 might be very thankful for this rain out when it comes playoff time - but it's ANYONE'S game - you'll see.

RadMax League Top 12 Leaderboard:

1st with 12 points is Sugar Daddy drafting in the 24 spot. Both you and Matt might be the only two that wanted to see that race called. 2nd with 11 points number3. Harvick loves Daytona. 3rd with 10 points is Chip's motors. What can you say? Bowyer is a stud! 4th with 7 points is Whoopee322. Nice pick with Ragan. I think he is going to have a strong year. 5th with 5 points is Skip. Smoke looked strong in that 14, didn't he? He might have won if it wasn't for that rain. 6th with 3 points is DRBRACING1. What? The other Busch did something? Nice pick! 7th with 1 point is Gorilla Girl. Truex was good for a point and a spot in the Top 12 No one drafted Allmendinger, Sadler, Waltrip or Sorenson so those points go unrewarded. There were a lot of people that didn't want to see that race called for rain. But it is what it is. Great job to the 17 team.

Watch for some stunning developments throughout the year. Keep an eye out on the 18 team. They might just implode if things go bad the next few weeks. A few side notes from the Daytona 500: How does Jr. just miss his pits? That just can't happen. Maybe Smoke trying to go into the 20 stall or something?? But for June Bug that just shouldn't and can't happen. Then he runs balls out to get back up front. That is risky and over a long year that will kill him. Then the 48 makes a bad pit stop. Those mistakes are rare for the 48 team. That put him in postion to be in that wreck. With the rain out, it was just kind of a let down. Sure, Kenseth will take the win. Just like Harvick and Allmendinger are excited with 2nd and 3rd. But, for the rest of us, we were just left hanging in the rain. However, there are some things race fans will want to keep an eye on in the weeks to come. #1. Can Jr. stop making those Bonehead mistakes? #2. Watch out for Smoke. He looks pretty good back in a Chevy. It doesn't hurt he has Hendricks equipment. #3. Can the advertisement continue to make me cry with laughter? #4. Will A.J. Allmendinger find a sponsor for more then 8 races? Third at the Daytona 500 can't hurt that cause. #5. How long will it be before Waltrip is out of the top 10? I am saying after next week he never see the top 10 again. Maybe ever! #6. Watch that 20 team they need to be in the top 35 when it counts. That would be a ton of pressure on Logano if he had to quailfy the 20 team on speed week in and week out. He needs a good race race in Fontana.


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RadMax Fantasy Sports Challenge

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